have a h.a.r.t. for this learner 2006

Six years ago, in the interests of working on our marriage, my husband stepped out of his comfort zone to come with me to karaoke and sing on stage, something he was unnecessarily apprehensive about.  He feared he might “die” on stage. I returned the favour by stepping out of my comfort zone to join him and two of our friends on the two-day Honda Australia Rider Training motorcycle learner’s course. My fear of death was much more realistic I thought.

Firstly I was given a 250cc motorcycle, which was huge, cumbersome, and then I had to contend with gears as well. It was all toooooo much for me, so I settled for the baby scooter, which was still frightening, but a lot more manageable. I figured if I were going to be a rider, there would be enough to concentrate on without having the added anxiety of accurate gear selection.

I was best at the slow ride, and somehow despite my concerns, I passed the test at the end of the second day and officially became a learner who could ride by herself on the actual road. What a scary notion!